Thursday, October 6, 2011

The BEST and Worst of Paris Fashion Week!

Lets start off with the bad news- I'm sure you all heard about Kanye West's first debut on the runway- one of the most highly anticipated shows to hit Paris fashion week! BUT- unfortunately, Kanye missed the mark! Almost every garment was ill fitted and rumor has it that the collection was put together in just 3 days with a little help from a student- uh- BIG MISTAKE! Kanye, I'm happy for you and everything- but Alexander McQueen had the BEST COLLECTION OF ALL TIME! Click here to be disappointed 

Sarah Burton's Spring 2012 collection for Alexander McQueen was also greatly anticipated, and boy did she deliver! I have been DROOLING over this collection! Burton stays true to McQueen's vision while bringing out a sense of femininity. The collection was brilliant, romantic, soft and in a way very easy. What a wonderful way to carry on McQueen's legacy. Alexander McQueen full runway show


  1. I love Alexander McQueen and I think I don't need an explanation to describe "why?" but in Kanye's collection... No comment.
    Style is Eternal

  2. McQueen collection is amazing and great, I really liked all items!

  3. McQueen was definitely the Queen of the show! I'm so glad we were able to connect on ifb - Great blog!

  4. I like your blog!! now following