Friday, September 30, 2011

Highs and Lows 101!

So, if you are anything like myself- than you would know how hard it is to stay away from anything designer! BUT- of course, when you are a college student living off a part-time salary it can be close to impossible to rock out in the highest of merchandise. So let me familiarize you fashionistas with the concept of "Mixing Highs and Lows" if you have not adopted this theory already, I promise, you will live by it!

Step 1- Pick your poison? Do you want your designer of choice to reside on your feet, your legs or simply around your wrist? Once you have decided, this will make step 2 a lot easier!

Step 2- If, for example your "drug of choice" is denim, than you would select a brand of denim jeans as your "high" paired with a top from lets say an H&M or Forever21 which would be your "low"

Now, some of you may be thinking... well Amanda... I don't even have enough money for a pair of designer jeans? YES! PERFECT! I'm so glad you asked! Because scoring designer deals has never been this easy! Simply stop in a trendy thrift store or vintage shop such as a Buffalo Exchange or a Beacons Closet.  When your there you can actually trade in your clothes for new ones! YES, I said trade in your clothes! You can do it multiple times and never pay a dime, aside from your initial purchase! In thrift stores, is where you will find a lot of your "highs" from designer shoes, handbags and vintage jewelry. So definitely try it out!

Step 3- Because, we don't only wear tops and bottoms, accessories play a major role in this concept. I promise that if you have a really high-end accessory such as a Balenciaga handbag or even something as simple as a Michael Kors watch this can be acknowledged within this "high and low" concept. And, of course you can have multiple "high" products mixed with multiple "low" products within the same look, this is totally up to you and your budget! Enjoy and have fun mixing :)

Check Below!!! I have done  a quick look for "Highs and Lows" And you can do it, too!



  2. Great list! I love the Rag & Bone pants. I am now following.